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22nd - 27th July 2018

Hwa Chong
Asia-Pacific Young
Leaders Summit 2018



Countdown to Summit


17th July 2018


These links will be used during journalling sessions during the Summit. Do save a copy of these links so that you can access them easily during the sessions!

1. Padlet Day 1

2. Padlet Day 5

3. Pigeonhole Survey

11th June 2018

Packing List, and Downloads for Preparations

Please click here to download the packing list for this year's summit! Do keep in mind that as representatives of your school and country, all delegates should be dressed appropriately at all times- in public and even in the boarding school.

25th May 2018

Preparations for the Summit

The programme overview has been uploaded here. Do also refer to the respective programme pages (Student Dialogue, Cultural Exhibition and Cultural Performance) for information about the necessary preparations to be done before the summit. Do note that all work is due by Sunday 24th June 2018, 2359h (SGT). For ease of reference, a zip file containing all necessary downloads for you to start preparing for the summit can be found here. These are the same files as the ones on the individual programme pages.

11th May 2018

Registration: Parents' Consent Form

Please click here to download the Parents' Consent Form. Do note that this is for schools' reference and internal use, there is no need to submit this form.

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The 21st century is often regarded as the Asian century with the Asian economies producing almost 40% of the global GDP - a figure set to rise with the emerging economies of India and Malaysia - while China and Japan follow closely behind US as the world's second and third largest economies. To reap the huge benefits of economic co-operation, Singapore has been intensifying its efforts to build strong ties with these Asian giants.

From 17th to 28th July 2006, HCI organised the inaugural Hwa Chong Asian Young Leaders Summit (HC-AYLS). The Summit took the form of a forum for promising Asian student leaders who clearly demonstrated a commitment to serving society. The project was initiated by the invitation of the most outstanding young leaders from China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

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Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong Institution is an independent institution in Singapore offering secondary and pre-university education, renowned in the region for excellence in many areas.

Hwa Chong Institution Website

During the summit, lodging will be provided for delegates and teacher chaperons in our world-class boarding school.

Boarding School Website

Discover Singapore

From our world-renowned hawker food to our rich cultural tapestry, Singapore has something to offer for everyone! Click the link below to find out more!

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