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About the Cultural Performance

On the night of the Closing Ceremony on Day 6 of the summit, each participating country will put up a short Cultural Performance, which can take the form of music, songs, dances, skits or popular culture that is unique and representative of their country.

Just like the cultural exhibition, schools of the same country will have to collaborate with one another for the performance. Do communicate with the delegates from other schools to come up with a unified and well-planned performance. The duration for each Cultural Performance is limited to 3 minutes per country.


1. Allow delegates to showcase a unique facet of their country's culture.

2. Allow other delegates to gain deeper insights of the different cultures.

3. Allow all delegates to appreciate the diversity that delegates bring to the summit.

Actions to be Taken

For more information and the submission of your performance plan, kindly use the document HC-APYLS 2018_Cultural Performance_Appendix A Delegate Performance Plan. This document is to be named as "[Country Name]_Appendix A Delegate Performance Plan" for your submission. Attach your document in an email and submit it to apyls@hci.edu.sg by Sunday 24th June 2018 (SGT).


Cultural Performance: Information for Delegates