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About the Cultural Exhibition

The Cultural Exhibition is an essential and exciting component of HC-APYLS that allows each country to showcase their unique culture and traditions.


1. To promote appreciation and understanding of the diversity of cultures among delegates and students of Hwa Chong Institution (College Section).

2. To provide a platform for delegates to showcase and share with their fellow delegates the unique aspects of their culture.

3. To give delegates a platform to foreshadow and contextualise the social issues that they will be presenting during the Summit.

Actions to be Taken

As each country will be allocated a booth, schools of the same country will have to collaborate with one another for the exhibition. Do communicate with the delegates from other schools to come up with a unified and well-planned exhibition.

Do refer to the following document, or the one sent to your email, for more information about the cultural exhibition.

Please complete the Logistics List (Refer to Appendix A) and Summary of Content (Refer to Appendix B), and send the completed documents together in 1 email, to apyls@hci.edu.sg with the subject title "[Country Name]_Cultural Exhibition Documents" by Sunday 24 June 2018 (SGT).


Cultural Exhibition: Information for Delegates