Cultural Performance

General Details

All delegates will put up a short Cultural Performance on Day 8 of the Summit. The objective of the Cultural Performance would be for delegates to showcase a unique facet of their country’s culture and allow other delegates to gain deeper insights of the different cultures.
Delegates from the same country will be collaborating and coordinating with one another for the Cultural Performance.
Performance Details:
  • The Cultural Performance prepared by delegates can take the form of music, songs, dances, skits or popular culture that is unique and representative of their country. This list is non-exhaustive.
  • The duration for each Cultural Performance is limited to 4 minutes per country.
  • The Stage Dimensions are 20ft by 8ft with a height of 1.5ft
  • 4 preparation sessions and 1 full-dress rehearsal have been scheduled.
  • Music files to be saved as MP3 files (.mp3), videos as MP4 files (.mp4) and backup files in a thumbdrive. Files will be collected during the preparation sessions.
  • Delegates will be provided with basic technical logistics such as microphones, tables and chairs. Delegates will have to account for any other logistics on their own, e.g. costumes, props, musical instruments. For information on restricted baggage items, visit this website.
Please refer to the document attached below for further details.
Download Cultural Performance Information document

Actions to be taken

One representative from each country is required to complete the document below, comprising a performance write-up and a logistics form. Thereafter, kindly email the document to with email subject title “Cultural Performance_[Country Name]” and document named "[Country Name]_Cultural Performance Plan" by Sunday 25th June 2017 (SGT).
Should there be any queries, please email them to with the subject title “Cultural Performance Queries”. We would be glad to address them.
Download Cultural Performance Plan document