Arts Masterclass

Friday, 28 July 2017, 9am to 12pm

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films in the well-known Hindi film industry of India. Modern Bollywood dancing is a fusion of traditional Indian folk rhythms with aspects of Hip Hop, Latin and Jazz dance. The interesting thing about Bollywood Dance is that its fusion of various Western dance forms with Indian Dance forms enables the coming together of various cultures harmoniously to create a beautiful dance form.

Starting with a series of Icebreakers, the students will be introduced to some easy-to-learn moves that soon turn into fantastic dance routines. Bollywood dance routines will be on the latest and the most popular Bollywood numbers. No prior experience in any form of dancing is required. A high energy dance workshop entailing the combined dance forms of the Indian culture, it will be a time for people of different backgrounds to come together to have an exciting time together.

Chinese Paper Cutting

Paper cuttings were mainly used in regional rituals, decorations and styling. In the past, paper was cut into images such as money and clothes, which were buried with the dead or burned at funerals. Paper cuttings were also used to decorate sacrifices. Today, paper cuttings are used as decorations, and they are usually made with red paper, which is the most popular and propitious color in Chinese culture. They adorn walls, windows, doors, pillars, mirrors, lamps and lanterns, and they themselves can also be given as gifts. Paper cuttings were also used to serve as the mould pattern for making embroideries and spray paintings.

In the Chinese PaperCutting workshop at HC-APYLS, delegates can look forward to a sharing of the history followed by a hands on session to practise the techniques of Chinese Paper Cutting. The delegates which will allow them to take back notes and information about Chinese paper cutting as well as the handicrafts which they will make during the workshop.

Batik Painting

The term “Batik” is an Indonesian-Malay word has come to be used as a generic term which refers to the process of dyeing fabric by making use of a resist technique; covering areas of cloth with a dye-resistant substance to prevent them absorbing colors.

Participants can expect a fun filled three hours of being immersed in the details of the paintings and design, while exploring the unique art form of the Malay culture. Just like any of the workshops conducted in HC-APYLS Arts Masterclasses, no prior experience is required and the delegate’s interest and passion to learn a new skill will suffice to create a meaningful experience.


An ancient art form that uses small pieces to create beautiful images, mosaic art dates back close to 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Some of the most popular mosaic scenes depicted myths, religious figures, and beautiful geometric patterns. Some of the materials that were used for early mosaics are ivory, shells, and pebbles. In today’s day and age there is a much wider variety of materials to choose from we use ceramic, glass, clay, stone, tiles, etc.

For the 3 hours of Mosaic Art workshop at HC-APYLS, it consists of color combo, pasting of tiles and tools usage such as cutters and techniques in shaping of tiles. Our vendor, is well-equipped with the necessary variety of tiles for participants to choose from to create a common mosaic styled decorative item, which they can bring back after the workshop. Putting together elements of creativity and fun, the Mosaic-Art workshop promises to be a unique experience for delegates.