Student Dialogues

Student Dialogue Presentation

Each participating country will be expected to give a 10-minute presentation on their allocated topic, which will be followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.
Below is a list of to-dos for Student Dialogue Presentation:
  1. Refer to the "Student Dialogue Write-up" document attached for the topic assigned, as well as other necessary information.
    1. Delegates are advised to relate your presentations to the Summit Theme – Auguries of Growth.
    2. Write-ups are merely brief treatments to allow delegates a better understanding of the topics. As such, delegates are not required to follow the write-ups and guiding questions strictly.
    3. Delegates are also encouraged to frame their presentations within the context of your own country.
  2. Collaborate with the other delegates from your country to start preparation.
  3. Do adhere strictly to the time stipulated (10 minutes), in order to ensure that the sessions run smoothly.
  4. Kindly convert presentation slides to PDF format and submit them via email by Sunday 26th June 2016.
To assist delegates in their preparation, there are sample slides available for reference ("Student Dialogue Presentation Sample").
Download Student Dialogue Write-up    Download Student Dialogue Presentation Sample

Student Dialogue Discussions

Following the presentations, there will be concurrent group discussion sessions.
Delegates are strongly encouraged to read up on the topics that will be presented and discussed prior to the summit. Once again, these topics can be found in the Write-up.


Each participating country will also be expected to summarise key ideas of their presentation in a printed poster.
The best poster from each session will be selected for an exhibition and presented to the President of Singapore at his official residence, the Istana.
Delegates should take note of the following requirements:
  1. The dimensions of the poster should be within 85 cm by 125 cm in portrait format.
  2. The name of the allocated topic, the name of the school, the students and their country should be included on the poster.
  3. The poster should be printed in colour.
  4. The poster must be printed before the summit and the hardcopy must be submitted to the organising team upon arrival.
  5. Delegates are allowed to design the poster as they wish, but posters should be informative and aesthetically appealing.
  6. Kindly convert the poster to PDF format and submit them via email by Sunday 26th June 2016 for a round of vetting.