Cultural Performance

30 July 2013

All participants are required to prepare an item as a country to be performed during the Cultural Night of the Closing Ceremony. The performance should showcase unique traditions, cultures, customs or practices of the country. Examples include: performances of traditional musical instruments, traditional dances, traditional costumes, local folk song etc. Participants from the same country are encouraged to liaise with each other beforehand to discuss the details for their country's cultural performance. Additional details are as follows:

  • Duration should be 5 minutes
  • Stage dimensions will be provided on a later date (Participants are advised to plan for their performance within the limitations of the stage)
  • Performance music should be brought in Audio-CD format (.cda), with backup copies (Any other forms of media storage are not advisable)
  • If required, videos are to be in .wmv format
  • Participants should bring their own logistics, e.g. costumes, props, musical instruments
  • 3 preparation sessions and 1 full-dress rehearsal have been scheduled.
  • Participants will be contacted via for more information on the item pertaining to logistics and the nature of the performance.

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