Registration is now open!

We are very excited and looking forward to hosting your delegation this year, at the 6th Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Summit! Here are some details you may require, regarding the registration process.

1. Registration for students nominated by your school
Your selected students may submit their registration on this website-- Please note that students should have a softcopy of their formal (passport) photograph for uploading purposes before they can submit their registration. They will also be instructed to print out, sign and submit their indemnity form to you.

2. Registration for the accompanying teacher chaperone
As the teacher chaperone, you may submit your registration on this website-- Do note that you will need some items at hand so as to complete your online registration. They include (1) a softcopy of your (passport) photo which will be used in our publications, (2) one pdf file of all the indemnity forms and passport photocopies from your school (students' and teacher chaperone's).

3. Flight details
The website for the submission of your flight details will be sent to you on a later date. However, as you will soon be inquiring or purchasing your flight tickets, do be sure to arrive before 15 July 2012, 1400h and book flights that depart after 24 July 2012, 0800h.

Registration will close on 18 April 2012.


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