Theme:'Leadership by Example'

This theme will be discussed in three sessions each focusing on a different aspect of the theme.

Each session will revolve around a different sub-theme, based on the Summit Theme of 'Leadership by Example'.

  • Session 1 (Alleviating Our Common Crises) seeks to understand the effects of global crises on the world, and measures that can be taken to mitigate these effects.
  • Session 2 (Supporting Our Fellow Citizens) seeks to examine the problems faced by less fortunate individuals all over the world, and how assistance can be rendered to them.
  • Session 3 (Realising Our Universal Ideals) seeks to explore the various common aspirations the global community holds, and how these dreams can best be realised through local solutions.

Each of the sub-themes will be further explored in four areas that will also be the topics for group discussion. These four areas concern different aspects in which the problems are manifested.
  • Session 1 (Alleviating Our Common Crises) will be analysed in:
    1. Food and Agriculture
    2. Climate Change
    3. Pollution
    4. Natural Disasters
  • Session 2 (Supporting Our Fellow Citizens) will be analysed in:
    1. Population
    2. Health
    3. Immigration
    4. Third World Debt
  • Session 3 (Realising Our Universal Ideals) will be analysed in:
    1. Human Rights
    2. Democracy
    3. Women's Right
    4. Racism

Further details on the theme and format of discussion can be found in the attachment below.

2012 APYLS Student Dialogues.pdf

Pre-Summit Preparation

Each country has thus been allocated a topic, and will be required to deliver a short presentation of no more than 10 minutes on it. You are highly encouraged to contact your fellow delegates from your country. Do spend time discussing the student dialogue presentation details. Do use the HC-APYLS 2012 Facebook forum to discuss and share ideas.

The country allocations are as follows:

Session 1: Alleviating Our Common Crises
1. Food and Agriculture The Philippines
2. Climate Change Malaysia
Pollution Saudi Arabia
Natural Disasters Japan
Session 2: Supporting Our Fellow Citizens
Population China
Health The United Kingdom
Immigration Singapore
Third World Debt Oman
Session 3: Realising Our Universal Ideals
Human Rights The United States
Democracy Australia
Women's Right South Korea
Racism India


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