Introduction and Aims:

On the night of the Closing Ceremony, 23 July 2012, all participants of 6th HC-APYLS 2012 will put up a short cultural performance with the aim of allowing each nation represented at the Summit to showcase its unique culture and tradition. Schools from each participating country are to collaborate to put up the cultural performance.

In other words, there will be one cultural performance per participating country. Each country is given a maximum of 5 minutes for your performance.


Participants should bring their own logistics for the performance (e.g. costumes, musical instruments, props, music CDs, thumbdrives etc.)
Technical assistance, e.g. microphones, stands, will be provided.
The Closing Ceremony would be held at Hotel Intercontinental Singapore this year with a 24ftx12ft stage.


- Performance music should be brought in Audio-CD format (.cda), with backup copies (any other forms of media storage are strongly discouraged)
- If required, all videos should be in .wmv format, stored in a data CD-R.

Pre-Summit Preparation:

3 preparation sessions and 1 full-dress rehearsal have been scheduled during the Summit.

However, delegates should begin preparations as early as possible to ensure a quality performance.

You are highly encouraged to contact your fellow delegates from your country prior to the Summit. Do spend time discussing the cultural performance details, such as the item you would be performing, the costumes and props you require etc.

Do use the HC-APYLS 2012 Facebook forum to discuss and share ideas.

Suggestions for Performances:

You can showcase any unique aspect of your nation's culture, ranging from traditional music, songs, dances, practices or even traditional costumes. Various forms of media can be incorporated into your performance as well. Feel free to discuss your ideas with your friendly facilitators as well!

Remember that the success of the Cultural Performance is the cumulative effort of every single delegate! So start brainstorming for fun and creative ideas for your performance!


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