Introduction & Aims:

The Cultural Exhibition will be held on Day 1 of the Summit together with the Opening Ceremony with the aim of allowing each nation represented at the Summit to showcase its unique culture and tradition. In addition, this key component of the summit also aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, as well as allow delegates to interact with one another. Not only will you be able to share your pride in your home country's rich heritage, you will also have the privilege of joining others around the globe to learn more about their nation's culture and heritage!

This year, the Cultural Exhibition will be held in Hwa Chong's very own College Campus! This allows delegates to mingle with the Hwa Chong student population, adding value to the interaction between delegates.

Preparing for Cultural Exhibition:

Remember that the golden rule for the Cultural Exhibition is: what you bring is what you get! Apart from the basic logistics that will be provided by our team, other material for your cultural exhibition will have to be self-prepared. Note that we will be providing a 2m-by-1m display board and a table for each nation's display, in addition to various basic logistics such as kettles, extension plugs and tape if necessary.

Taking into consideration that the audience would be the entire Hwa Chong student population, do prepare a larger quantity of items should your country wish to give out any souvenirs, brochures or sweets!

You are also reminded to send in a soft copy of the Logistics Form by 11 June 2012!

Some Suggestions for Displays:

You can showcase any unique aspect of your nation's culture, ranging from traditional games, local delicacies to traditional clothing. Varied forms of media can be incorporated into your display as well.

Useful Sites for Information on Restricted Baggage Items:

Remember that the success of the Cultural Exhibition is the cumulative effort of every single delegate! So start brainstorming for fun and creative methods for your display! You are also encouraged to use the official 6th APYLS Facebook group for discussion!

If there are any queries or clarifications regarding the Cultural Exhibition, please feel free to send an email to the facilitators in charge, John and Leslie, at and respectively. Thank you!


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