Theme:'Towards Globality: Renegotiating Communities'

This theme will be discussed in three sessions each focusing on a different aspect of the theme.

Each of these aspects will be further explored in four areas: Culture, Habitats and the Environment, Immigration, Individuals and Identity.

Further details on the theme and format of discussion can be found in the attachment below.

2011 APYLS Student Dialogues.pdf

Pre-Summit Preparation

Each country has thus been allocated a topic, and will be required to deliver a short presentation of 5-7 minutes on it. You are highly encouraged to contact your fellow delegates from your country. Do spend time discussing the student dialogue presentation details. Do use the HC-APYLS 2011 Facebook forum to discuss and share ideas.

The country allocations are as follows:

Session 1: Communities and Conflict
Culture The Philippines
Habitats and the Environment China
Immigration India
Individuals and Identity Singapore
Session 2: Response, Redefinition, Renegotiation
Culture Malaysia
Habitats and the Environment Oman
Immigration Australia
Individuals and Identity Saudi Arabia
Session 3: Realising the Global Community
Special Session: Natural Disasters and Nuclear Energy Japan
Culture South Korea
Habitats and the Environment United Kingdom
Immigration United States


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