July 6, 2007 — All countries are required to submit a single Cultural Performance form each. Please check the forum post here to download the form and for more details.
June 10, 2007 — More information about our sponsors and partners have been added to the programme overview, alongside with a link to the new up-and-coming integrated journal!

July 6, 2007 — The online forum has been officially launched! Participants have been emailed their login information. Please check in on the forum for important daily updates, announcements and attachments!

June 17, 2007 — Cultural Exhibition and Cultural Performance details have been released! The event will be held on 27th July at the Traders Hotel, Singapore. Please refer to this page for details.

Cultural Exhibition:
Participants from each country are expected to collaborate and bring along items to put up a booth showcasing different aspects of their country
. Each country is allocated a table to showcase their items. Some interesting displays and activities to highlight and characterise your country's culture may include:

  • National flag, local dress and costumes
  • Local songs or lullabies sung by children
  • Traditional games
  • School/education system
  • Slangs and idioms prevalent among the population
  • Food and snacks unique to your country
  • Posters & pictures of places of historical or tourism interest
  • Souvenirs from your country
  • Different customs and festivals celebrated in your country

Participants of each country may liaise with their respective embassies here in Singapore for provision of more intricate exhibits. Preparation time will be given before the commencement of the exhibition. Should there be need for any clarifications, please email meijiao@gmail.com or post a message in our forum.

Cultural Night Performances:
All participants are required to prepare an item as a country to be performed during the Cultural Night of the Closing Ceremony. The performance should showcase unique traditions, cultures, customs or practices of the country. Examples include: performances of traditional musical instruments, traditional dances, traditional costumes, local folk songs and so on. Participants from the same country are encouraged to liaise with each other beforehand to discuss the details for their country's cultural performance. We look forward to your enthusiastic performances!

Additional details are as follows: 

  • Duration of each country's item should be between 5 to 7 minutes 
  •  The stage at Traders' Hotel is 24ft by 12 ft (Participants are advised to plan for their performance within the limitations of the stage) 
  • Performance music should be brought in Audio-CD format (.cda), with backup copies (Any other forms of media storage are not advisable) 
  • If required, videos are to be in .wmv format - Participants should settle their own logistics, e.g. costumes, props, musical instruments 
  • 2 practice sessions (18 July & 23 July) and 1 full-dress rehearsal (27 July) have been scheduled. Please refer to the programme outline for more details. 
  • Participants will be contacted via email for more information on the item pertaining to logistics and the nature of the performance. 
  • Should participants require any clarifications, please contact kwekleekoon@hotmail.com or stanleylim_9037@hotmail.com, or post up a query on our forum. 

May 27, 2007 Some important information has come in that participants and schools might want to take note of: all delegates have to arrive in Singapore on the 17th of July by 4pm, and may depart on 28th July from 8am onwards. Please make sure that all flight arrangements fit this schedule!

May 27, 2007 A whole host of new and updated information has been uploaded onto the site - the programme overview is now up for participants' persual, accompanied by a day-to-day breakdown accessible from the calendar. Also new is a page worth of useful information for practical day-to-day living in Singapore and the boarding school.

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